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Insightful Research and Analysis

The story of Onpoint Health Data is simple: We were built to meet a need.

Rewind to the mid-1970s, a period of sprawling hospitals, spiraling costs, and growing questions. In Maine, lawmakers and healthcare professionals were struggling to interpret data about the quantity, quality, and cost of medical treatment across the state.

They had data — plenty of it — but all from multiple sources in many formats. Fragmented, duplicated, copious, and incomplete, it was as much headache as help. What they needed was simple yet revolutionary: a systematic way to collect, collate, and distribute disparate data so sound decisions could be made. Which is where we came in.

Onpoint Health Data opened its doors because policymakers were pounding on them. We were designed with a specific job in mind: to store, sort, and distribute healthcare data. But not just any data — trusted, dependable health data from sources statewide.

That's just what we've been doing for more than 30 years — first as the Maine Health Information Center, now as Onpoint Health Data. While our name changed in 2009, our mission remains the same. Deliberately independent, we work not to craft policy but to inform it, providing trusted research and reliable data.

We've earned our reputation for sound solutions and careful analysis throughout the Northeast and across the country. To learn how Onpoint Health Data can help you, contact us.