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DevOps Automation Engineer

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Onpoint Health Data is a dynamic, fast-growing, nonprofit company located in Portland, Maine, committed to delivering independent, reliable, and insightful data solutions to clients nationwide. If you are a motivated self-starter looking for the opportunity to work with emerging big data technologies and a collaborative, energetic team, Onpoint would be a perfect fit. We offer a very competitive benefits package and a great office space conveniently located in Portland’s East End.

Descriptive Summary

This is a hands-on technical position. The ideal candidate is a dynamic and self-motivated engineer who has a passion for building and maintaining a scalable, reliable and secure big data platform. You will be responsible for designing and developing code to ensure operational excellence through automation. The successful candidate will become proficient in enterprise and modern technologies including AWS Cloud IaaS and PaaS, Big Data Platforms, Relational Databases,  and APIs. The position will develop, through research, training, and mentoring, a strong understanding of the platform tools and data being processed along with underlying data structures and processes to provide effective operations and automated quality assurance of Onpoint’s data management systems and data.

Essential Functions

  • Don’t just keep the lights on!
  • Build solutions to problems that interrupt availability, performance, and scalability
  • Diagnose infrastructure and application issues to recommend permanent and long-term solutions
  • Drive operational cost reductions through platform optimizations including auto-scaling strategies
  • Work with an agile and cross-functional team to prioritize and plan DevOps sprints jointly with the Software Engineering team
  • Write and deploy automation scripts to monitor system behaviors, detect past and predict future anomalies
  • Troubleshoot and triage system and data production issues and perform root cause analysis with clear remediation in short-term fixes and long-term solutions
  • Collaborate with others on writing, executing, and automating system testing in order to verify the functionality of the CDM system and validity of data
  • Actively participate in Onpoint’s continuous process improvement initiatives
  • Write documentation for systems and end users
  • Demonstrate good understanding of the value Onpoint places on maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of its corporate and customer data and meeting its applicable privacy and security compliance requirements
  • Ensure that Onpoint and customer data, which are subject to rigorous privacy and security protections, are accessed, handled, processed, transmitted, disclosed, and stored according to Onpoint’s operational and information security policies and procedures
  • Immediately report to supervisor or others on the development team any suspected or actual violation of privacy and security policies or unauthorized access or disclosure of Onpoint or customer data.
  • Understand that compliance with all privacy and security policies, laws, and regulations is part of each employee's job responsibilities and their performance evaluation
  • Perform other assignments as necessary


  • Experience with AWS or similar cloud services: EC2, Hadoop, Spark, RDS, Redshift, Cloud Formation
  • Experience with RDMS (Oracle, MySQL, other)
  • Solid understanding of server and web technologies
  • Knowledge of scripting or programming languages such as Java, Ruby preferred
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal and time management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively work within and across teams
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or related field

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