About Us

For more than 40 years, our dedicated team has been providing trusted data and insightful analysis to help the communities we serve power healthcare transformation.

Board of Directors

Karen Bell, MD
Director of the Center for Sustainable Health and Care, JBS International Inc.
Elizabeth Johnson, MD
CEO, MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization
Maureen Conley
President & CEO, New Communities, Inc.
Anthony Marple
Retired - Former CFO, Mercy Health System
Angela Cole Westhoff
Executive Director, Maine Osteopathic Association
Anneliese Gerland
Vice President of Practice and Segment Operations at the Chartis Group
Scott Rusk, MD
Chief Medical Officer, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange
William Whitmore
RVP of Sales, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Lisa Miller
Senior Program Officer, The Bingham Program
Jennifer Lundblad, PhD
President & CEO, Stratis Health
Trish Riley
Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy
Christine Torraca
Director of Informatics, Martin's Point Health Care

Our Story

The story of Onpoint Health Data is simple: We were built to meet a critical need.

Rewind to the mid-1970s, a period of sprawling hospitals, spiraling costs, and growing questions. In Maine, lawmakers and healthcare professionals were struggling to interpret data about the quantity, quality, and cost of medical treatment across the state.

They had data — plenty of it — but all from multiple sources in many formats. Fragmented, duplicated, copious, and incomplete, it was as much headache as help. What they needed was simple yet revolutionary: a systematic way to collect, collate, and distribute disparate data so sound decisions could be made.

That's where we came in.


Launch as the Maine Health Information Center


Support Dr. Jack Wennberg's small-area variation studies


Create first public statewide discharge database for the State of Maine


Complete work on first U.S. prospective patient outcome study


Become lead contractor on federal highway crash outcome study (CODES)


Develop first-of-its-kind multi-payer claims database for large Maine employers


Collect & analyze children's health data to assist with 1999 KIDS COUNT data book


Deploy State of Maine's APCD solution


Deploy State of New Hampshire's APCD solution


Deploy State of Massachusetts' APCD solution


Deploy State of Vermont's APCD solution


Deploy State of Minnesota's APCD solution


Deploy State of Rhode Island's APCD solution


Link clinical and claims data sources for state of Vermont's regional- and practice-level profile reporting


Deploy State of Connecticut's APCD solution; Ohio-Kentucky Comprehensive Primary Care initiative's multi-payer claims database


Selected by State of Washington to develop APCD solution; Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation to develop multi-payer claims database

Onpoint opened its doors because policymakers were pounding on them. We were designed with a specific job in mind: to store, sort, and distribute healthcare data. But not just any data — trusted, dependable health data from sources across states and regions.

For more than 40 years, that's exactly what we've been doing — first as the Maine Health Information Center, now as Onpoint Health Data. While our name changed in 2009, our mission remains the same.  We help inform the decisions driving healthcare transformation by delivering independent, innovative, and reliable health data solutions to clients nationwide. 


Onpoint's staff each bring a key set of skills to the work we do. Database designers and SQL programmers, statistical analysts and IT experts, project managers and health services researchers — our team is as diverse as the data we handle and as reliable as the reputation we've earned. For additional information about career opportunities at Onpoint, explore our current openings and apply today!