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Onpoint Awarded APCD-Based Analytics Contract for The Vermont Blueprint for Health

January 14, 2015 -- As states work to control skyrocketing healthcare costs, a growing number are implementing reforms designed to improve the quality of care while reducing wasteful spending. At the forefront of this movement is the Vermont Blueprint for Health, a nationally recognized program demonstrating the value of the “patient-centered medical home” (PCMH), an innovative model that connects patients’ providers to better coordinate care while also empowering patients through education and prevention programs.

Operating since 2008, the Blueprint is Vermont’s state-led initiative charged with guiding sustainable healthcare delivery reform that improves health, constrains costs, and promotes health maintenance, prevention, and care coordination. To guide its efforts, the Blueprint has been steadily measuring program success through analysis and reporting based largely on the state’s all-payer

blueprintlogoclaims database (APCD). Onpoint Health Data, a market-leading data integration and analytics organization based in Portland, Maine, has been managing Vermont’s APCD and supporting the Blueprint’s analytic needs since the programs began. Today, Onpoint announced that it has been selected by the Blueprint’s parent agency, the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA), to continue supporting the initiative’s important work under a new contract. The result of a competitive bidding process, Onpoint’s selection demonstrates DVHA’s commitment to generating insightful reporting that helps improve the quality of health and healthcare across the state while slowing the growth of healthcare spending.

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Press Release

Connecticut Launches Its APCD Program with Focus on Consumer Transparency

November 11, 2014 -- Access Health CT (AHCT) announced today a new partnership with Onpoint Health Data to provide data management and analytical services for Connecticut's All Payer Claims Database (APCD). Through this partnership, AHCT will be able to leverage new information about health care in Connecticut and provide analysis on lowering costs and delivering more efficient care to state residents.

In its role as data management vendor, Onpoint will manage the collection, storage, and analysis of the claims data. Onpoint also will use de-identified, aggregated data to produce analytic reports and a public website, which will provide consumers and other stakeholders with information on health care in Connecticut.

The five-year contract includes four releases, which will be implemented over the coming 12-15 months and span AHCT’s suite of APCD services, including...

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Rhode Island APCD Featured in Story Examining APCD-Based Efforts to Boost Price Transparency

November 06, 2014 -- Rhode Island’s APCD – a statewide initiative for which Onpoint integrates commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare data – is featured in a new article from Government Health IT. The piece examines two APCD-based efforts to shed greater light on healthcare price transparency, focusing specifically on the state-run APCD in Rhode Island and parallel work being undertaken on the West Coast by the University of California at San Francisco.

“Rhode Island’s APCD uses a new and innovative ‘lockbox’ model for its master patient index (MPI),” notes Janice Bourgault, Onpoint’s Director of Client Services. “We subcontract with another firm that receives live identifiers from participating insurers and assigns blinded unique IDs that the insurers then submit to Onpoint with de-identified member data, creating a firewall that protects individuals’ privacy while enabling a very robust MPI solution. It’s an exciting approach – and the first time an APCD has successfully employed this model to enhance privacy.”

Rhode Island’s de-identified APCD data will be used to ensure “transparency of information about access, quality, utilization, efficiency, and cost of Rhode Island’s healthcare delivery system,” notes the Rhode Island Department of Health in the article. 


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Press Release

New Practice Profiles Released for Vermont's Blueprint for Health

October 1, 2014 -- Onpoint is excited to announce the release of two new analytical evaluations of Vermont's Blueprint for Health initiative: adult and pediatric profiles for individual providers and geographic profiles for the state's Health Service Areas (HSAs). These profiles...


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Press Release

Onpoint & Dartmouth Institute Study Published in the American Journal of Managed Care

August 30, 2014 -- Onpoint recently collaborated with HealthPartners
and Blue Cross Blue OnpointTDIShields of Michigan and Texas in a project led by the Dartmouth Institute (TDI). The study, "Tracking Spending Among Commercially Insured Beneficiaries Using a Distributed Data Model," in which the researchers applied the HealthPartners' Total Cost of Care measurement system to commercial claims data across five states, was recently published this past September in the American Journal of Managed Care. Overall findings demonstrated substantial variation in utilization. The study also revealed that variation patterns in the commercial population did not necessarily mirror trends in the Medicare population for total use, though they were correlated for inpatient use. 


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