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Data Management

Since the early 1980s, Onpoint Health Data has been developing and working with healthcare claims and utilization databases, collecting, warehousing, and maintaining complete data systems. We work closely with clients to build customized, accurate, high-quality databases that meet their specific needs, performing extensive validation and customized threshold review. Data sets are enhanced additionally with Onpoint-developed, value-added services and data elements.

Experience developing claims databases
Onpoint Health Data has been a front-runner in the development of All-Payer Claims Databases (APCDs) across the country. In 1994, we became the first in the nation to build a multipayer, all-settings claims database for a coalition of Maine’s largest employers, followed by successful implementations of seven statewide APCDs across the country. 

We offer unmatched experience and knowledge, a track record of careful and timely execution, and in-house analytic staff able to move clients quickly from data aggregation to data use.

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Client Solution

Building an All-Payer Claims Database

Onpoint Health Data is pioneering the use of comprehensive, statewide claims databases that enable the in-depth analysis of care, quality, and cost trends across an entire state. Using data for nearly every claim paid for every patient and every procedure within a state's borders, our Onpoint CDM solution has helped six states — Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Vermont — understand cost drivers, analyze variation in service use and quality, and inform policy.

Onpoint CDM