Understanding How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Impact Your Upcoming APCD Data Sets

May 20, 2020; 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET

Presenters: Janice Bourgault, CPB, CPC, Senior Director of Process & Product Development; Amy Kinner, MS, Manager of Health Data Analytics

Intended Audience: Onpoint's clients and their authorized data users

Join Onpoint for our May 2020 user group webinar, which will focus on preparing our clients and their end users for upcoming data sets containing COVID-19 claims and how COVID-19 may impact an array of areas in your APCD data.

This training will begin with a brief recap of the COVID-19-related codes discussed in our previous training, provide some coding updates, and then shift to exploring a series of questions related to how COVID-19 and the national lockdown will influence APCD data, including:

  • How are people changing their utilization patterns in the near term and how can those changes be found in the APCD data?
  • How can analysts identify patients at escalated risk of serious illness from COVID-19 due to pre-existing conditions or lack of access to healthcare services?
  • What trendlines are likely to be indirectly impacted by healthcare changes amid the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What types of analyses can the APCD help support to monitor risk factors for serious illness due to COVID-19?
  • Which quality measures are most likely to be impacted by COVID-19-related changes in the APCD data?

Please note: Onpoint’s data user training session originally scheduled for May 20, “Understanding Your Enhanced Summary Tables: Inpatient Stay Summary & Medical Claim Header,” has been rescheduled for September 16.

Materials for this session can be found here.