FIPS Enhancements & Linking Dental Data to Your APCD (Overview, Tips, & Use Cases)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, from 12pm - 1pm (Eastern)

Please join Onpoint for our June 2022 user group meeting to explore recent enhancements to your data sets as well as a variety of use cases from clients and analysts about incorporating and using APCD dental claims data.

This session will begin with a brief overview of newly added reference tables that expand the ability to perform geographical analyses by incorporating Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes and how they can be linked to ZIP codes to facilitate research.

We also will focus on the dental claims data being reported to our clients’ APCDs, tips for linking the dental data to other file types and tables, and review best practices for enhancing and using dental data in APCD-based analyses.

This session also will feature presentations by researchers from Vermont and Washington to review their experiences working with dental data. Vermont’s Green Mountain Care Board will discuss their approach to implementing the collection of dental data, and Washington’s Office of Financial Management will showcase their recent dental data analytic use cases.

Registration for this session is closed. Please reach out to Onpoint directly with any additional questions.