User Group Meeting: Exploring the Quality Assurance Process, Part 2: Incoming APCD Data

Wednesday, April 14, 2021, from 12pm - 1pm (Eastern)

Presenter: Julie Blouin, Product Manager

When working with healthcare data, it’s often easy for analysts to focus on the data in the extracts’ tables without knowing what checks and transformations have occurred prior to data set delivery. Yet the APCD data quality validations and enhancements performed as part of the intake and consolidation process can significantly impact downstream data analysis and policymaking. Often, data users are not aware of these preliminary processes and how they may affect the downstream analytic data sets.

At Onpoint, these essential data validation and verification processes are at the core of what we do – as is the transparency surrounding them. We work with APCD organizations to set clear and robust standards for data quality and ensure that these standards are met through a variety of approaches. The process begins with our clients’ data submission guides, which each data submitter uses to ensure that their files meet required specifications and thresholds. Once Onpoint receives a file submission, we initiate a series of checks that allow us to monitor data quality and ensure accuracy and reliability throughout the data processing pipeline.

In this upcoming webinar, we will provide users with insights into the APCD data collection process, starting with an overview of the data submission guide and then moving to a demonstration of Onpoint CDM, our secure data validation and reporting platform that helps our APCD clients and their data submitters gain insight into the ongoing data quality process. This session will provide users of our delivered data sets with an understanding of the work we do to ensure that arriving data will support your analyses and research.

Registration for this session has closed. Please reach out to Onpoint directly with any additional questions.