Exploring the Quality Assurance Process for Delivered Data Sets

Presenter: Jesse Drummond, PhD, Senior Health Data Analyst

Healthcare data, with its great potential for informing policy and providing guidance to decision-makers, has never been more important. As it plays an increasingly prominent role in how healthcare is delivered, its reliability and accuracy have never been more important.

At Onpoint, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our data products. To provide our clients with the most accurate and complete information from their APCD, Onpoint engages in extensive quality assurance to ensure that our data sets are of the highest quality.

Before we release an extract for analytic use, we perform a rigorous set of quality assurance checks that examine data integrity within each table and across all tables in an extract. We utilize national benchmarks as well as metrics generated from our internal historical data to evaluate the completeness and validity of recent trends, leaving no stone unturned so that our clients can have confidence in the data that they receive.

In this upcoming webinar, we will provide a brief demonstration of our quality assurance process and walk through some of the key steps that we take to make sure that your data sets are as complete and accurate as they should be.

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