Medical Service Line Flags, APR-DRG Updates, and Ambulance Claims, OH MY!

Presenters: Janelle Fredericks and Laurie Desjardins, Onpoint Health Data

Join Onpoint for our October 2023 user group meeting, where we will explore updates to Onpoint’s medical claim service line flags, ambulance billing and coding practices, new enhancements to the APR-DRG grouper, and changes to the format of data dictionaries.

This session will provide an overview of Onpoint’s medical claim service line flags and review recent updates to the definitions to align with the Restructured BETOS Classification System (RBCS) from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In addition, Onpoint will discuss common billing and coding practices for ambulance claims, including how to identify and use ground and air ambulance claims and proper use of ambulance-specific modifiers.

We will also review recent changes to the input file of APR-DRGs that allow enhanced grouping of newborn babies and additional inpatient stays (e.g., skilled nursing facility, residential). Finally, Onpoint will review the new standardized data dictionary and walk you through how to use these updated files.

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