Onpoint Launches APCD Snapshot

January 2022 – In collaboration with clients in multiple states, Onpoint has developed and released a new APCD Snapshot reporting tool that provides the public with accessible and intuitive insights into the data collected and available within a state’s all-payer claims database (APCD).

The APCD Snapshot delivers key metadata – or data about the data – to end users, policymakers, and other interested parties who have questions about how much data is available, which health plans are providing it, and how the data has evolved over time, for example. The APCD Snapshot’s online dashboards employ dynamic and easy-to-understand tables and visualizations to effectively convey the content and extent of available APCD data.

The APCD Snapshot was deployed most recently in Washington State and features views such as “Data Overview,” “Data Availability,” “Medical Procedures,” and “Drug Prescriptions,” providing summary-level data and adhering to appropriate privacy and security safeguards.

“I’m thrilled with the new Tableau BI dashboards that Onpoint created for the WA-APCD program,” notes a user from Washington. “They combine ease of use with meaningful data visualizations. At a glance, you can see the types and volume of available claims data as well as healthcare cost trends for medical procedures and drug prescriptions.”

Onpoint is in the process of implementing the APCD Snapshot for all of our interested clients, incorporating new product enhancements with each release.

Figure 1. APCD Snapshot's "Data Overview" Example (All Claims by Insurance Plan Type)

Figure 2. APCD Snapshot's "Medical Procedures" View Example (Sorted by Claim Volume for Inpatient Claims)