New Pediatric Atlas Examines Children's Healthcare Use Across Northern New England

February 28, 2014 -- The Dartmouth Institute recently released a new report based on APCD data: "The Dartmouth Atlas of Children's Health Care in Northern New England." The pediatric atlas, which was issued during the 28th annual NAHDO conference, examines disparities in children's healthcare utilization and cost using the statewide APCDs from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

As Dartmouth reports, "whether children are receiving recommended care or are subjected to potentially unneeded treatments varies widely depending on where they live.... The new report shows that children in Dover, NH, had almost twice as many emergency room visits as those living in Burlington, VT, and children in Lebanon, NH, were more than twice as likely to have their tonsils removed as children in Bangor, ME."

The pediatric atlas, which has received coverage from CNN, Reuters, and other news outlets, is based on Onpoint's integration of northern New England's three APCDs and includes commercial and Medicaid populations.