New Practice Profiles Released for Vermont's Blueprint for Health

Onpoint is excited to announce the release of two new analytical evaluations of Vermont's Blueprint for Health initiative: adult and pediatric profiles for individual providers and geographic profiles for the state's Health Service Areas (HSAs). These profiles are based on the state's APCD, the Vermont Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System (VHCURES), and span the commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare populations. The new HSA-focused profiles also feature measures based on Onpoint's recent integration of VHCURES' claims data with clinical data sources.

Using Onpoint's member-clustering algorithms, our Analytic Services staff successfully linked individuals from Vermont's APCD to the state's clinical registry, DocSite, bridging statewide data sets to enable a more comprehensive view of care delivery across Vermont. These new profiles contain an additional 20 effective/preventive care measures following CMS Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) specifications to facilitate geographic comparisons and analyses.

These innovative practice and HSA profiles provide, for the first time, comprehensive reporting around care, quality, utilization, and cost that spans the commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare populations.