Onpoint Board Member Profile: Nathan Tefft, PhD

August 2020 – Onpoint is pleased to welcome Nathan Tefft, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, to our Board of Directors. Dr. Tefft teaches courses in health economics, microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics at Bates, and his research reflects his policy interests in risky health behaviors and health policy.

Recent research projects have included studies of obesity, smoking, vaping, mental health, alcohol consumption, fatal automobile crashes, and dietary supplements usage, typically in the context of labor markets, macroeconomic fluctuations, and government policies that impact these behaviors. He also has been involved in interdisciplinary projects that more broadly intersect with public health and public policy. Dr. Tefft serves as an Associate Editor for Health Economics.

Dr. Tefft brings the perspective of both researcher and analyst to Onpoint’s work, offering an understanding of the operational challenges and skills required to effectively integrate and normalize health data and to derive meaningful and reliable insights for our clients. His background in public health policy coupled with his strong research and analytic skills will be valuable additions to Onpoint’s board.

Dr. Tefft described his interest in joining Onpoint’s Board as rooted in his own start professionally as a software developer. “I was intrigued by Onpoint’s work with big data and the opportunity that it has to support needed change in healthcare. The systems and capabilities they have developed for managing data are truly impressive,” Dr. Tefft says. “On the analytics front, they have built a very talented team of analysts that are supporting leading-edge policy analysis and health reform initiatives across the country. This is truly impactful work that is critical to driving needed improvement in healthcare.” We look forward to Dr. Tefft’s guidance as Onpoint continues to enhance our products and services, innovating to support the evolving data needs of our clients.