Onpoint Convenes Market Research Sessions to Inform Consumer Portal

Access Health CT, Onpoint, and our partnering team for the CT APCD recently gathered in Hartford, Connecticut, to conduct focus group sessions. With implementation of the state’s APCD program under way, Access Health CT is amplifying efforts to develop an innovative public consumer portal that will set a new standard for APCD-based cost transparency reporting. The goal of the focus group sessions: to identify the type of content and interface design that Connecticut healthcare consumers find most helpful in making better decisions about their healthcare services.

ConsumerPortalFocus group participants, joined by Onpoint staff and our partners, explored a variety of questions about their preferences regarding healthcare-related content and how that material could most effectively be presented and displayed online. They also walked through several examples of existing online public reporting applications, examining, dissecting, and discussing together to gather input on best practices and principles.

With each focus group providing a diverse set of responses and reactions, the sessions proved to be both informative and constructive as Connecticut continues developing a dynamic web application customized to its consumers. With an award-winning team executing the system’s design and market-leading tools being incorporated into the application, Access Health CT’s APCD program continues to be an exciting undertaking.