Onpoint Expands End-User Support with Technical User Group Series

At Onpoint, we remain dedicated to assisting our clients and their user communities in making the most out of their available APCD data. Through collaborative webinars, our staff are working to enhance the knowledge base of end users through technical walk-throughs and by sharing lessons learned, use cases, and tips and tricks. The goal of these sessions is to build a user community with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently navigate this rich and valuable data resource and generate analyses and reporting that effectively address user needs.

Our 2019 webinar series so far has explored the code sets most pertinent to APCD reporting, including the differences among the various code sets and any applicable specification updates to consider, as well as Onpoint’s identity-resolution processes, exploring our approach to overcoming variable and incomplete reporting of member and provider identifiers to build reliable master patient and provider indices. Details regarding upcoming sessions are available on our website and are open to our clients and their data users for early registration:

If you have suggestions for additional topics of interest for our clients and their user communities, please reach out to us at events@onpointhealthdata.org. We look forward to having you join us at an upcoming meeting!