Solution Spotlight: Onpoint Performance Reporting Portal

September 2017 -- Onpoint is excited to announce the release of our new Performance Reporting Portal (PRP), an innovative measurement and reporting tool that delivers personalized views into the health and performance of health plans’, facilities’, and provider organizations’ respective practitioner and patient populations. With an increasing need to put sensitive and actionable information into the hands of key stakeholders to help inform care management and improvement, Onpoint’s new reporting solution offers detailed views into the cost, quality, and utilization of healthcare services for a diverse set of selected populations.

Onpoint PRP was built to meet a critical need of our clients. Through intensive collaboration with leaders in the healthcare industry – from federal, state, and private agencies to provider organizations and health plans – the platform has been flexibly designed to help fill crucial information gaps and to address the need for greater transparency into the cost, quality, and utilization of services delivered across healthcare settings through a dynamic interface. Onpoint PRP tells the story of an organization’s health and performance and allows that story to be “re-written” with validated information from users with “on-the-ground” knowledge.

A secure, online application, Onpoint PRP offers role-based user interfaces to view both summary- and patient-level reporting (when authorized) across carefully curated sets of measures that have been enriched by comparative benchmarks and actionable filters. Core functionality allows users to quickly customize dashboard visualizations, drill down into a suite of sophisticated analyses, request “reconsideration” of posted results, and manage all relevant inputs to client-specific master provider directories. The end result is a data set that most accurately reflects the cost and quality of the care being provided to patients in a given region. 

Using role-based credentialing, health plans, facilities, and providers alike can leverage Onpoint PRP for several purposes – from comparing their organization’s performance to statewide and national benchmarks to identifying variations in care within and across their associated organizations to accessing patient-detail information for follow-on action.

Onpoint PRP went live recently in support of the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation’s “Data Collaborative” multi-payer initiative. The Data Collaborative’s PRP currently contains data for approximately 3.8 million Oregonians aggregated and reconciled across commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare plans and attributable to more than 4,500 providers, 850 clinics, and 530 medical groups. By implementing a comprehensive reporting, reconsideration, and roster management mechanism, credentialed users now have the opportunity not only to identify variations and gaps in care but also to help refine the underlying data and supplement the data set with details regarding patients’ actual experiences prior to the information being released more broadly.

Interested in learning more about Onpoint PRP? Give us a call (207-623-2555) or send us a note to schedule a demonstration of the environment and to discover a seamless approach to data reporting and delivery.