The Maine Health Information Center (MHIC) Announces Name Change to Onpoint Health Data

MANCHESTER, Maine —The Maine Health Information Center (MHIC) today changed its name to Onpoint Health Data. This change is the result of a careful brand assessment process under way since early 2009.

“We felt it was time to update our brand to better reflect who we are and how we’ve grown,” says Onpoint Health Data President and CEO James Harrison. “Our new name brings more clarity to our mission and strategic direction — and reflects our recent, significant growth outside the state.”

“Northern New England has been our home for more than 30 years and continues to be our base of operations. It’s where we got our start and where we continue to do much of our most innovative work,” Harrison adds. “It’s a past the organization is proud to celebrate — and take forward. Onpoint Health Data remains committed to meeting this region’s research and data needs as it takes on new opportunities and challenges in other parts of the country.”

Rising interest from states across the nation has fueled recent growth at Onpoint Health Data. To keep pace, the organization has been investing heavily in its people, infrastructure, and analytic services. The new brand, reflecting this growth, is a natural next step.

In concert with its name change, Onpoint Health Data also is updating the name of its ground-breaking claims database product, known by clients as NCDMS or the National Claims Data Management System. This comprehensive data solution — a pioneering innovation in integrating claims from all payers in all settings — is now Onpoint CDM (Claims Data Manager).

While the name is changing, some important things remain the same. First and foremost, the organization remains committed to providing the responsive solutions and service its clients need and expect. Onpoint Health Data remains an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering reliable data management and thoughtful analytic services. And it continues to be staffed by an expert and diverse group of health data professionals.

The Maine Health Information Center has been a front-runner in health data services since its founding in 1976. It’s a tradition the organization looks forward to continuing under the banner of Onpoint Health Data.