Staff Profile: Data Operations & Technical Support Team

January 2019 -- Onpoint’s Data Operations team is responsible for guiding submitters through the rigorous submission requirements and data intake process across Onpoint’s diverse range of clients. Key Operations staff have more than 75 years of combined experience working at Onpoint and with our data submitters. Together, they manage the intake of data for more than 55 million lives and ensure that the process is efficient, accurate, and transparent.

The role of the Operations team encompasses a diverse set of responsibilities. “From working closely with a submitter on how to improve a file for resubmission to helping troubleshoot data mappings when a submitter's reporting platform has changed, each day always varies,” notes team member Dawn Hamlin, "which keeps it interesting!" The team oversees all incoming files, which span a range of file types, typically including eligibility, medical claims, pharmacy claims, dental claims, and provider data as well as cost files, clinical data, and other non-claims data sources.

As part of the Operations team’s focus on helping data submitters get the data “right,” their role includes building relationships that sustain the value of each client's program. The team works with more than 175 submitters, guiding each through the detailed data-intake and quality-vetting process. This involves onboarding both new and experienced submitters, walking them through the client’s data submission guide, and answering questions related to the submission process.

“The most rewarding part of my role is helping new submitters during the onboarding process,” notes team member Gloria McCann. “We invest a lot of time in trying to help, and it’s rewarding when we hear back from submitters who appreciate the help and regular feedback from our full team.“ The Operations team, working daily with detailed technical specifications and submitters across the country, is key to Onpoint’s ultimate goal of delivering quality data solutions to our clients.

Pictured: Senior members of the Operations team include Gloria McCann (left) and Kelly Goulet (right).


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