Washington APCD Consumer Website Updated & Enhanced

January 2019 -- Washington HealthCareCompare, the award-winning consumer transparency website based on data from the WA-APCD, was recently refreshed with a new round of data and expanded measures. The website’s December refresh makes data available through calendar year 2017, providing consumers with an updated view of healthcare prices and quality across the state. The website’s “Quality and Cost Summary Report,” a public-use data file, also has been updated and is available now for anyone to download and explore.

The refresh of Washington HealthCareCompare includes recalculations for 84 quality measures, 85 cost measures, and the Washington State Common Measure Set. Additional updates include new price and quality scores for Washington practices following provider and practice review using the WA-APCD’s performance reporting portal.

“As a public service to the citizens of Washington, we’re excited to launch the update of the Washington HealthCareCompare website and the Statewide Common Measure Set,” notes Thea Mounts, Program Director for the WA-APCD at the Office of Financial Management. “Through their work on the WA-APCD, lead organization Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Onpoint, and website developer Forum One have helped Washington advance its goal of providing greater healthcare cost and quality transparency to consumers to assist them in making more informed choices about care.”